Brochure for Foreign Students
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Qualifications of Applying for Admission

1. Applying for the B.A. Degree:

A. The students with the diploma of 2-year or 3-year study at an art academy can apply for the 3rd-year class in the correlative courses;

B. The students with the senior high school certificate or above and having a basic knowledge of fine arts.

C. Applying for the M.A. Degree:

The students with the diploma of B.A. of Arts or Design.

2. Advanced Studies:

The students with a basic knowledge of fine arts.

Admission Requirements:

Necessary application materials for admission:

1. An Application Form for admission to Luxun Academy of Fine Arts; the Letter of Guarantee (both forms offered by Luxun Academy of Fine Arts);

2. Certificate of Diploma in Senior High School or in the University and relevant Transcript;

3. Recommendation Letter from school or workplace;

4. Recommendation Letter from a professor or an expert; Applicants for M.A. Degree should offer two Recommendation Letters from two professors;

5. The copies for Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) Certificate and Score Report (Band 3 for the B.A.; Band 6 for the M.A.);

6. The copy of Passport;

7. Eight full individual face photos (two inches);

8. Six photos (Positive and Negative) or printings of your artworks;

9. Admission Fee and examination fee are totally 500 RMB.


After receiving all the neessary documents and the fee 500 RMB from you, the academy will process your application. If you are academically eligible for admission, we will send you the Letter of Admission, and the Application Form for Visa(JW202 Form). When arriving here, you have to take some professional tests related to your specialty. If you are a non-Chinese speaker, there is a Chinese language class available in the academy.

Visa and Residency

1. You can present your passport, the Letter of Admission, and the Application Form for Visa, the physical Examination Report to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your country to go through the formalities for visa (X) to China ;

2. After being enrolled at LAFA and paying tuition fees, etc., you should present your passport, the Letter of Admission, JW202 Form and the Physical Examination Report to the Entry and Exit Managing Department of Shenyang Public Security Bureau for your residence within 30 days from the date when you enter China .

Tuition Fee:

1. postgraduate: 30400 RMB per year

2. undergraduate: 28000 RMB per year

3. advanced studies students: 24000 RMB per year

4. short-term student: 6400 RMB per month

5. Students from the schools that have established inter-school relationship with LAFA can get a 15% discount of the total.

Medical Insurance

600 RMB per semester

Other Expenses:

1. Accomodation: 50 RMB per day per room (single, with toilet, TV, telephone, Net connection);

2. Food: all by yourselves, and you can use Foreign Student Card to our cafeteria;

3. The fee for Paints materials, life classes or some travelling, and transportation are by yourselves.

Application Date and Course intake:

Application Date: from March 1st to June 30 every year

Course intake: September 1st

Contact Information:

International Art Education  Communication Center

      Luxun Academy of Fine Arts

      19 Sanhao Street Heping District

      Shenyang Liaoning, 110004

      People’s Republic of China

Tel:0086-24-23930108 (Asian Dept.) 23942467(Euro. and U.S. Dept.)